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Press Releases

King Cove and the State of Alaska Offer Huge Land Swap in Exchange for a Small Road Easement through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge June 6, 2007

Alaska Delegation Introduces King Cove Land Exchange Bill
June 20, 2007

Press release from Don Young's office on introduction of H.R.2801
June 21, 2007

Community and Tribal Leaders Laud U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director for Recognizing Value of the King Cove Land Exchange Bill June 26, 2007

Alaska’s King Cove Road Supporters Scheduled To Meet Face to Face with Staunchest Critics in Washington, D.C. This Week 9/17/07

Alaska Community and Native Leaders Tell Congress Why the Land Trade Bill is Critical to their Health, Safety and Quality of Life 10/30/07

Alaska’s Land Exchange Bill Gets Hearing in U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Next Week 4/10/08

Izembek and Alaska Peninsula Refuge Enhancement Act Goes to Mark-up Today in Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources 9/11/08

The people of King Cove are good stewards of the land, as their Aleut ancestors have been for thousands of years. Archaeologists have discovered ancient Aleut settlements throughout the Cold Bay - King Cove corridor.

During World War II many men from King Cove served our country in Cold Bay at Fort Randall. It is said that one of the many roads being constructed in the area at that time was to connect King Cove and Cold Bay. That effort came to a halt when the dozer got stuck in the mud. The desire to connect the two communities continues on to this day

Siekaniec letter of 1995
King Cove, Alaska circa 1920
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