The proposed land exchange is supported by the State of Alaska, the Aleutians East Borough, the City of King Cove, the King Cove Corporation and the Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove.

Please read the letters of support from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dale Hall.

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Summary of the proposed land exchange.
After the companion bill was introduced in congress in June 2007, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service director Dale Hall wrote a letter to the House of Representatives, praising the proposed land exchange, declaring the value of the land offered by the State of Alaska and the King Cove Corporation as substantial.
“These proposals would offer approximately 38 acres for every acre of wetlands and wildlife habitat, and nearly 200 acres for every acre of wilderness exchanged,” Hall said in his letter to Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kansas), a member of the House Appropriations Committee.
Hall added that he has personally visited the Izembek Refuge and flown the areas being proposed. He said the wilderness values of the lands are significant, and include large areas of tundra swan nesting, as well as caribou movement.
“We recognize the special needs of Alaska residents to have access to medical, dental and other care,” Hall added in the letter. “We also recognize our responsibility to the American people to ensure lands are held in trust to provide wilderness and other values. This bill offers a proposal that we believe warrants future discussion to fully determine if the needs of both the King Cove residents and the people of the United States would be properly evaluated and met.”
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The proposed land exchange would provide the people of King Cove all weather access to the Cold Bay Airport, the third largest in the State, just 25 miles away, by making an easement for a road available. This road will have a cable barrier to prevent vehicles from leaving the gravel road. In exchange for this easement the State of Alaska and the King Cove Corporation would make more than 61,000 acres available in adjacent lands for the refuge, over 45,000 acres would be designated 'wilderness' . This will be the frist new wilderness designation in the State of Alaska since 1980.
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