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ISSUE # 1 - Why do King Cove residents need better transportation access?

Why are King Cove's Access problems different than most other "bush" Alaska communities access problems?

How has the community dealt with this access problem over time?

Why, after decades of trying to seek a solution to this problem, are we still persevering to help solve this problem?

ISSUE # 2 - Why do King Cove residents continue to believe we have not been properly and/or equitably treated on this access topic?

What is the source of our frustations with access issue?

Why did passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANILCA) accentuate our frustrations?

Why do these frustrations continue to linger?

ISSUE # 3 - Why did the people of King Cove seek federal legislation?

What was the intent of the original federal legislation?

What is the legislation that establihed the King Cove Access Project (KCAP)?

What has been accomplished with the funds?

What remains to be completed?

ISSUE # 4 - Why a hovercraft for the road marine link?

What were the climate conditions that made the hovercraft better than a conventional vessel?

What are the economic factors that entered into the decision?

What were the environmental factors that made the hovercraft better?

Is the hovercraft operating now?

What are the operating costs?

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